About Us

Gulf Survey is a multi-disciplinary third-party Independent Engineering testing firm specialized in Soil Investigation, Material Testing, Survey and Geophysical Services.


Gulf Survey is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company and accredited ISO/IEC 17025:2017 as testing laboratory by ENAS. The aim of the Company is to provide best Quality Services to our Clients at all levels, which includes Property Owners, Consultants, Contractors, Public Authorities such as Ministries and Municipalities, Oil and Gas Industries, Shipping and Ship repair companies, Manufacturing Industries, Marine etc. in UAE and neighboring Gulf Countries. It provides Civil Engineering, Scientific Consulting, and Construction Material testing services to its Clients. Our mission is to provide consistent Quality services which meet the requirements of our Clients.



Gulf Survey is headed by professionally highly qualified personnel and is staffed with a strong technical team consisting of individuals with unique strength and expertise in relevant fields. The ability to pool information acquired over many years of experience from diverse projects around the world is utmost value for our Customers. Our technical staffs have extensive experience in Soil Investigation, Material Testing, Survey and Geophysical data acquisition and its interpretation. Our staff members are educated and trained in UAE, Canada, Jordan, India, Egypt, Syria, Philippines, Pakistan and other Countries.


We have a mission to provide economical services to the industry, at the same time upholding quality and integrity in our business. Gulf Laboratory invests substantially in the latest state of the art field and laboratory equipment to ensure that its equipment and testing processes are highly reliable and produce quality results. We ensure that all projects undertaken are professionally and efficiently executed.


Over the years, we have evolved into one of the most sought-after local contractors in United Arab Emirates distinguished by our peerless expertise in our field of activities.

Finally, our endeavor is to be “A ONE STOP TOTAL SOLUTION” for all Construction Material Testing Services.

With our resources and infrastructure, we assure you that we can provide our best cost-effective high-quality services to the construction

industry and your needs.

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