The Gulf Survey Surveying Department provides integrated Total Station and Real-time Kinematic (RTK) Global Position System (GPS) technologies with automated data collection, computer aided surveying and global positioning systems (GPS) capabilities for:

Gulf Survey Surveying Department (GSS) provides comprehensive precise hydrographic and land surveying services utilizing state-of- the-art electronic equipment to gather accurate spatial data and to process the information using the latest software in computer aided drafting (CAD).

  •  As-Built Survey.

  • Demarcation of Plots.

  • Establishing Control Points.

  • Traversing         &      Level        Loop Survey.

  • Laser Scanning Survey.

  • Quantity / Volumetric Survey.

  • Pipe          Route           Demarcation Survey.

  • Hiring         of         Surveyors            & Instruments.

  • Ground      Detection      and     Utility mapping.

  • Bathymetric Survey.

  • Single and Mutli-Beam (Swath Bathymetric Survey).

  • Sea Bed Imaging using Side Scan Sonar.

  • Low Sea Bed Profiling to Determine  Subsurface Geology.

  • Magnetic Anomaly Survey to Determine Metal Objects.

  • Current                 &                Wave Measurements using ADCP.

  • Tidal Measurement.

  • Near Shore Tidal Zone Survey.

  • Seabed Sediment Sampling & Testing.

  • Water Sampling & Testing. 

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